Workers' Compensation Defense

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Employer and Carrier Defense

Boxer Blake & Moore has an extensive workers’ compensation practice, representing employers and insurance carriers in coverage disputes, administrative proceedings, trials and appeals. We have played an instrumental role in forming Vermont workers’ compensation law at the appellate level and have advocated in several of the most important Vermont Supreme Court and Department of Labor decisions on workers’ compensation, including:

Bradley Jarvis v. Richard I. Green, Arbitration Decision, (May 15, 2018)
Sue Ann Goodrich v. Fletcher Allen Health Care, Op. No. 07-17WC (April 14, 2017)
Michael Hathaway v. Engineers Construction, Op. No. 03F-17WC (April 11, 2017)
Joanne Perreault v. Chittenden County Transportation Authority, Op. No. 06-17WC (March 9, 2017)
Jeremey Harrness v. Robert E. Therrien, Op. No. 23-16WC (December 2, 2016)
Lydia Diamond v. Burlington Free Press, Op. No. 21-16WC (November 7, 2016)
Richard Houle v. Valley Crane Services, Inc., Op. No. 18-16WC (October 28, 2016)
Kimberly Haller v. Champlain College Corp., Op. No. 14-16WC (August 24, 2016)
Ryan Wetherby v. Donald P. Blake, Jr., Op. No. 02-16WC (March 2, 2016)
Joseph Quinones v. State of Vermont, Op. No. 04-16WC (February 9, 2016)
David Brown v. Casella Waste Management, Op. No. 19-15WC (December 4, 2015)
Griffyn Koski v. BlackRock Construction, Op. No. 25-15WC (November 16, 2015)
Lesley Bienvenue v. Sandra Kuc d/b/a Vermonters Daycare Center, Op. No. 23-15WC (October 14, 2015)
Michael Dunroe v. Monro Muffler Brake, Inc., Op. No. 17-15WC (July 23, 2015)
Sherry Siebenaler v. Chittenden Country Transportation Authority, Op. No. 11-15WC (June 2, 2015)
Charles Shaffer v. First Choice Communication, Op. No. 15-14WC (October 21, 2014)
Aida Puzic v. Huber+Suhner, Op. No. 05-13WC (February 5, 2013)
Smiley v. State of Vermont, Op. No. 15-13WC (June 3, 2013)
Knoff v. Josef Knoff Illuminating, Op. No. 25-12WC (October 15, 2012)
Holmes v. State of Vermont, Op. No. 18-12WC (June 21, 2012)
Smiley v. State of Vermont, Op. No. 12-12WC (April 15, 2012)
Goodwin-Abare v. State of Vermont, Agny of Human Services, Op. No. 41-11WC (December 14, 2011)
Mariani v. Kindred Nursing Home, Op. No. 34-11WC (November 2, 2011)
Knoff v. Josef Knoff Illuminating, Op. No. 13-11WC (June 2, 2011)
Marshall v. State of Vermont, Vermont State Hospital, Op. No. 01-11WC (January 25, 2011)
Progressive Casualty Ins. Co. v. Estate of Keenan, 2007 VT 86
Travelers Insurance v. Henry, 2005 VT 68
Sanz v. Douglas Collins Construction, 2006 VT 102
Laumann v. Vermont Department of Public Safety, 2004 VT 60
Ethan Allen v. Bressette-Roberge, 174 Vt. 518 (2002)
Pacher v. Fairdale Farms, 166 Vt. 626 (1997)
Clodgo v. Rentavision, 166 Vt. 548 (1997)
Coburn v. Frank Dodge & Sons, 165 Vt. 529 (1996)

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