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Christina Rainville Elected to the Board of Directors of Disability Rights Vermont

Christina Rainville was elected to the Board of Directors of Disability Rights Vermont, the statewide agency dedicated to advancing the rights of people with disabilities and mental health issues throughout Vermont.  DRVT is part of the National Protection and Advocacy System created by the United States Congress in response to concerns that States were not doing enough to protect people with disabilities against abuse, neglect and serious rights violations.   DRVT is a private, non-profit corporation designated by the Governor to be Vermont’s Protection and Advocacy System for the disabled and DRVT has served in this role for more than fifteen years.  Ms. Rainville has broken new ground in Vermont by developing the means for people with disabilities to access the court system, through technology and court orders providing accommodations to trial witnesses with disabilities, and Ms. Rainville has published extensively in this area.    

Oliver Abbott