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Andrew Boxer Successfully Defends Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Attorney Andrew Boxer successfully defended another Mild Traumatic Brain Injury case in August. Plaintiff Carol McHugh, represented by Robert Luce, Esq. brought suit against the Defendant for a 2013 rear end motor vehicle accident at a stop light in Colchester Vermont. McHugh also sued her own UIM carrier Progressive, which participated in the defense through its counsel Susan Flynn, Esq. McHugh claimed serious and debilitating brain injury and headaches from the accident. Defendant argued that the accident was minor. After 7 days of trial, which included testimony from McHugh’s friends and family, 2 physicians, a life care planner, and a neuropsychologist, the jury deliberated for about 3 hours and returned a defense verdict, finding in answer to the first question on the jury interrogatory form that Plaintiff McHugh was not injured in the accident. The Court entered judgment for Defendants on all claims later that day.

Oliver Abbott